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Marianne chester, President and CEO

Marianne previously served as VP of Global Information Services Integration at Andrew Corporation, was an Officer and CIO for Celiant Corporation as well as CIO at Lucent Technologies and VTech.  She has also held various leadership positions at Texas Instruments, Frito Lay and AT&T.  In addition to her vast corporate leadership experience, Marianne is a guest-lecturer at UMass, a regular contributor to the Lehigh Valley Business Journal and has served on many various business industry Boards, Company Advisory Boards and Committees. 

In addition to pure business pursuits, Marianne has also been the Executive Producer of 6 musical albums by established artists like Schooner Fare, Iain Matthews and John Batdorf and emerging artists such as Jesse Terry and Ameranouche.

Other passions include Co-Founding WoJo Holdings, LLC which is the umbrella company for a series of books focused on the unique journey of women.  The first book was published in December 2017, Kaleidoscope™ – A Reflection on Women’s Journeys™ – Familiar Voices™.   

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Tom RhiEl, partner

Tom is a former executive of AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Avaya. While working at those companies he was responsible for creating an innovative approach to measuring the effectiveness of training that became a standard for Lucent’s Global Learning Systems.  This involved developing a hybrid level 3/4 instrument that combined transference of knowledge with ROI on the investment.   He has presented this methodology a number of times at conferences held by the International Quality and Productivity Forum.

As a senior member of the team developing a Balanced Score Card for Lucent he moved the company away from using a traditional employee attitude survey to deploying an instrument that measured the overall health and vitality of the company based on the perceptions of its employees.  Tom and his team developed an instrument that measured the health of the company in a number of key strategic areas.

Having held the lead position on the cultural integration and change management activities associated with a number of acquisitions made by the companies he had worked for, Tom presented a business case to Lucent to establish a professional services consulting arm to provide change management programs directly to its customers.  Initially this was targeted at customers purchasing large technology systems but evolved into providing the services to other organizations including the IRS Modernization Project.  Tom is the managing partner of mES.